Meet IVY, the beautiful lady who was the face of Pastor JAMES WANJOHI’s company that defrauded Kenyans of Ksh 600 million - She died in a tragic road accident last year.

Thursday, April 25, 2024 - These are some of the faces behind the Worth Start Africa (WSA) scam, with Pastor James Wanjohi as its main architect.

Unfortunately, the woman in the middle is Ivy Wanjugu, who passed away late last year in a tragic road accident. I have yet to learn the specifics of her sudden death.

Ivy was the face of this company and introduced herself as the head of International Relations at WSA.

She was a clever and persuasive woman, with a way with words that could charm anyone. Her quick thinking and ability to persuade people to see things from her perspective was unmatched.

Remarkably pretty, she was used to lure unsuspecting Kenyans on local TV stations such as Gichichio TV, Weega TV, and NTV Kenya. Together with popular Mt Kenya celebrities and musicians like Kameme FM's Kigocho night presenter, Martin Wa Janet, they convinced thousands of innocent job seekers to pay between 100k to 140k.

Their target was low-cadre Kenyans (hustlers) who could not suspect they were being conned. After all, most of them could afford two or three installments. Most of the interviews have already been pulled down by various media houses.

You can see the universal signature of top cons. Flags of several countries, the flashy office, foreigners (hired wazungus), high-end parties and dinners, dress code, etc. Mtu amejaza wazungu kwa ofisi anaweza kucon 100k aje? We call them enablers. 

Coupled with the media interviews, celebrities, etc it was a well-planned fraud.

Their Modus Operandi is like that of these Real Estate thugs all over masquerading to sell genuine pieces of land but they have been stealing from unsuspecting Kenyans especially women working in Gulf Countries.

By Simon Mwangi Muthiora.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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