You are stupid: DRAMA as a Kikuyu female pastor assaults a man in church - Watch the trending video.

Thursday, March 28, 2024 - A female Kikuyu pastor is trending after she was filmed assaulting a man within the church premises.

While it is not clear what led to the altercation, the rogue pastor is seen confronting the man and assaulting him.

She calls him stupid and smacks his face with a Bible.

“You claim to be a pastor but you have the audacity to assault me and call me stupid within the church premises. The Lord is watching your deeds,” the man is heard lamenting in his native Kikuyu language.

Other men who were in the vicinity were seen trying to calm down the pastor in vain.

The video has caused divided opinions on social media.

A section of social media users defended the pastor, saying she is also human while others castigated her for not controlling her anger.

Mrs. Reverend is also human. Sometimes we humans get annoyed to an extent we are unable to control our anger,’ one of the social media users defended the pastor.

She's human, what do you expect when you all gang up on her left right, and center and you are all men,’’ another user commented.

The reason I stay in my house pray for myself and God always answers my prayer,’’ wrote another user wrote.

Watch the video.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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