Watch the moment a man unclamped his car as Kanjo Officers watched helplessly - Wakenya wamechoka (VIDEO).


Wednesday, March 20, 2024 - A motorist confronted kanjo officers working for the Laikipia county government after they clamped his vehicle, yet he had paid parking fees.

The officers reportedly wanted a bribe to unclamp his vehicle.

Tired of asking them to unclamp the vehicle, the man broke the clamps before driving away.

The trending video depicted the man confronting three parking attendants for clamping his vehicle.

 He claimed he had paid the parking fees and fine, but the officers refused to unclamp the vehicle.

I will not give you any bribe. Take me to court, and I will pay the fine, he said.

He opened the boot and removed two metal rods.

 He then hit the clamps on the left front tyre, which broke.

He then threw it away before doing the same for the right tyre.

The angry motorist drove off, leaving the officers high and dry.

Watch the video.


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