There will never be a better Gov’t than RUTO’s - WAIGURU declares as she sets her eyes on 2032 and GACHAGUA can’t take it

Wednesday, March 13, 2024 - Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru has given President William Ruto a thumbs up, saying he is leading Kenya to greatness.

Speaking yesterday, Waiguru lauded Ruto's regime, saying it is the best government Kenya has ever had since it became a republic.

The Council of Governors (COG) Chairperson also urged Kenyans to support the government and its initiatives for a prosperous nation.

"Nataka kuwaomba maneno mawili tu, ya kwanza ni kushikilia serikali ya Kenya Kwanza kule mashinani because there will never be a better government than the Kenya Kwanza government," Waiguru said.

Earlier, Waiguru affirmed her support for the president's 10-year consecutive regime, saying she was fully behind the president and his agendas for the country.

However, Waiguru stated that come 2032, women will support a woman candidate. She subsequently sought Ruto's support for a woman presidential candidate in the 2032 General Election.

This is after Ruto hinted that he might drop Rigathi Gachagua in favour of a woman candidate going forward.

The county head who spoke during the launch of Women Governors G7 Caucus strategy in Nairobi last week defended that women leaders are always determined to steer the country in the right direction.

She referred to when the country recorded a marginal improvement in 2017 after three women became governors.

The governor further stated that women were prepared to take on the leadership mantle and that women would vie for various seats once Ruto retires.

Further, Waiguru stressed that gender equality and women's empowerment were moral and economic necessities.


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