Survivor of the grisly KU Bus accident that killed 11 students now opens up and reveals what transpired before the deadly crash with a trailer

Thursday, March 21, 2024 - Felix Onyango, a student who survived the grisly accident that claimed the lives of 11 Kenyatta University (KU) students on Monday, has revealed what transpired before the crash

According to the student, the bus driver was overtaking along the busy Nairobi-Mombasa Highway.

"The journey was alright before we got to Voi where it was raining. The driver started to overtake but he was doing it wrongly," Onyango stated.

Per the student's recollection, the bus driver was driving in the wrong lane before he spotted the trailer approaching at high speed from the opposite side. 

The bus driver is said to have attempted to make way by switching to the opposite lane.

However, the space was limited and he maneuvered to prevent a head-on collision.

The driver steering the trailer also swerved towards the direction of the bus which culminated in the heavy truck ramming into the bus's rear end.

This catastrophic collision led to the death of 11 students while several others sustained serious injuries.

 Some of the students were airlifted to hospitals within Nairobi for specialised medical attention.

Meanwhile, Onyango who sustained minor injuries emphasized that the bus was fully functional and in good condition before they began their journey to Nairobi.

Another survivor who sustained hand injuries reiterated that the students seated in the back of the bus were the most affected by the impact of the collision.

The student who was also speaking to the press, added that some students who did not have their seat belts on were thrown outside resulting in neck, leg, and hand injuries.


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