Start by taxing Maize farmers! – Murang’a leaders and farmers tell RUTO after chasing KRA officers.

Tuesday, March 5, 2024 - Murang’a County leaders and residents have accused the Kenya Kwanza Alliance government of trying to frustrate farmers who are already struggling to make a living by introducing the farm produce tax.

In its bid to increase revenue, the government wants every farmer delivering their produce to the markets to pay Sh5 for every Sh100 obtained from sales, claiming the agricultural sector is undertaxed.

The farmers include avocado and macadamia farmers, but surprisingly, maize farmers have been left out of this circus by Ruto's government.

Speaking in Kandara on Tuesday, residents and MPs led by Gatanga MP Edward Muriu and his Kandara counterpart Chege Njuguna said they will not allow Avocado and Macadamia farmers to be taxed.

Muriu said Ruto should start taxing maize farmers in the North Rift since it is not only macadamia and avocado farmers who are entitled to pay tax in the country.


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