Soldier catches his wife in bed with her married co-worker

Tuesday, March 26, 2024
 – Two teachers from Westridge Primary School in Belvedere, Zimbabwe, were caught having s3x in the early hours of Saturday, March 25.

Local publications reported that Thomas Chikanga, 51, and Nomathamsanqa Nyathi, 36, had been having an affair since last month before being nabbed.

It is alleged that Nyathi took advantage of her husband’s absence as a soldier to engage in the affair. She's been accused of introducing Chikanga to her children, including her 16-year-old daughter. She reportedly told them that Chikanga’s visits were related to his role as a teacher, concealing the true nature of their relationship.

Chikanga would have sleepovers at Nyathi’s Budiriro home and then slip away to his Highfield home before the crack of dawn to avoid being seen by the children. However, the two were recently caught in bed when Nyathi’s husband, Noel Matiza, unexpectedly returned from Kadoma following a tip-off.

Speaking to H-Metro, Chikanga claimed that Nyathi had informed him that she had separated from her husband, which was the reason he had spent numerous nights at her place. Chikanga, who is also married, mentioned that there was no reason to continue the affair since Nyathi had lied to him.

He said;

“She lied to me that she had separated with her husband and that is why I slept here several times. We fell in love at the school where we share subjects for one class and we felt for each other and I had planned to take her in as my second wife. We started dating sometime in February this year. I do not see it right to continue with the affair after learning that Nomathamsanqa is still with her husband. I cannot be used to settle her differences with her husband.”

Nyathi on her own part said she had an itch that needed to be scratched since her husband had neglected her and had not been coming back home from Kwekwe, where he works, for some time.

She said;

“There was nothing I could do since my husband had abandoned me for long. I ended up dating my workmate and was prepared to be his second wife.”

Her husband told the same publication that this was the second time he had caught her pants down with another man. The first time they separated after he found out that she was bedding his workmate. Matiza did not physically harm both Chikanga and Nyathi but said he was going to take Chikanga’s underwear to a native doctor. 

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