SALAYSA was right! DIDMUS BARASA is eloping with an older woman - AOKO OTIENO exposes him badly and names the powerful UDA woman.

Monday, March 25, 2024 - Two months ago, Mumias East Member of Parliament, Peter Salasya, came out guns blazing and washed Didmus Barasa’s dirty linen in public.

Salaysa claimed that Barasa dumped his wife and eloped with an older woman in Nairobi.

He further alleged that Barasa’s wife is suffering in the village as he elopes with the older woman in the city.

He challenged him to post his wife on social media to prove him wrong.

“Who has ever seen Barasa’s wife? Let him post her on social media to prove me wrong,” Salaysa said.

The youthful MP told Barasa that he had no moral authority to advise him to get married and reminded him that he shot an innocent person dead.

Salaysa’s remarks came days after Barasa advised him to get married to address his aggressive behaviour, which has led to physical fights in public.

Renowned blogger Aoko Otieno has added fuel to the fire by exposing the older woman that Barasa is reportedly eloping with.

According to Aoko, Barasa ‘chews’ CS Mithika Linturi’s ex-wife Maryanne Keitanny, the member of parliament for the Aldai constituency.

Check out her post on X.

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