SHOCK as ailing musician PETER MIRACLE BABY refuses to be admitted at KNH after RUTO intervened and goes back to begging online.


Thursday, March 21, 2024 - On March 5, President William Ruto came to the rescue of ailing Gengetone musician Peter Miracle Baby and pledged to pay for his medical expenses.

He arranged for him to be transferred to Kenyatta National Hospital's private wing for further treatment.

However, last night, his wife Carol Katrue sought financial help from US-based promoter and Tiktoker Bernice Saroni, citing a requirement of Sh135,000 for Miracle Baby’s daily nursing care at home.

She did a live show and managed to raise Sh 67,000.

However, Bernice was baffled because she thought Ruto was taking care of all his medical bills.

“Carol Katrue contacted me last night and said they had no money to buy the urostomy bags. 

"My question was, I thought President Ruto was taking care of him, she told me that was not true. 

"So we did a live show with Carol Katrue and raised Sh67,000. Thank you guys. I don’t want people to drag anyone down but this is a cry that we are supporting Peter. 

"We need Sh135,000 for three weeks for the nurse and the bags,” said Bernice.

It is now emerging that Miracle Baby refused to be admitted to the Kenyatta National Hospital.

According to Jaguar, Miracle Baby expressed discomfort after just two hours of admission and insisted on returning home to await surgery scheduled for four weeks later.

Despite being offered a private room with daily specialist checks and free care, Miracle Baby chose to leave,” Jaguar said.

Frustrated by the situation, Jaguar questioned the next steps and the President’s response, given his personal involvement in facilitating help for Miracle Baby.

“How can we move forward when such opportunities are rejected?” he pondered.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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