She was an escort girl in Kahawa Sukari - City car dealer KHALIF KAIRO told as his girlfriend’s dark past is exposed(LOOK).

Wednesday, March 27, 2024 - Flashy car dealer Khalif Kairo is madly in love with an Instagram slay queen

He has been busy flaunting her on social media and taking her on lavish vacations.

They are currently out of the country for a vacation in India where he bought her a chain worth Ksh 350,000.

It is now emerging that Kairo’s girlfriend has a dark past and belongs to the streets.

According to Mwende Frey, who runs a massage parlour along the Eastern Bypass, Kairo’s girlfriend was an escort girl in Kahawa Sukari.

She had had an encounter with a lot of men in Kahawa Sukari.

Another social media user also informed Kairo that a lot of men also ‘sampled’ her when she was living in Nakuru.

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