Senator SIFUNA accuses RUTO‘s government of overworking the opposition

Thursday, March 14, 2024 - Nairobi County Senator, Edwin Sifuna, has stated that President William Ruto’s administration is overworking the opposition.

Speaking on Thursday during an interview on Citizen TV, Sifuna said the ruling party is overworking the opposition because there is always something to fight the government about.

"These guys are overworking us. As a member of the opposition, I feel overworked. 

"Because every single day I wake up there is something to fight this government on," he said.

Sifuna said currently, there is a proposal for new tax policies for bread and milk. 

"He said looking at the proposals, it is clear the government is out of touch with the situation Kenyans are in.

"CS Ndung'u says bread and milk are largely consumed by the middle class. He knows the statistics that the middle class in this country are a minority," he said.

Sufuna said up to 70 percent of residents living in Nairobi do not consider themselves as middle class.

"Yesterday I saw a report that only 3 percent of Kenyans earn Sh50,000 and above. Would you call those people the middle class?" he posed.

The Senator said bread and milk are consumed largely by children, adding that most Kenyans have children. 

In his opinion, bread and milk cannot be considered luxury commodities.

Sifuna said every day as a Senator, he wakes up to push back against government policies that are not in the interest of Kenyans.


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