See why Governor MWANGAZA has vowed never to set foot or even develop Igembe region – This is serious

Tuesday, March 19, 2024 - Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza has vowed never to set foot in the Igembe region, at least not at the moment.

While addressing a crowd that marched to her office demanding a visit to the region, Mwangaza said that she has kept off the Igembe region due to alleged ‘threats to her life’.

She stated that she had been attacked by goons during President William Ruto’s visit to Meru on January 26, and that’s why she will never go back there.

“I was first attacked last year while donating a cow in Maua. When I accompanied the President to Igembe, I was heckled. My vehicle was ransacked by goons who were baying for my blood,” Mwangaza detailed.

“Luckily, I had left for the next stop in the President’s chopper. My driver was in fear throughout the president’s tour in Igembe. Due to these incidents, I could not visit Igembe because of my safety.”

She accused Igembe Central Member of Parliament (MP) Dan Kiili and Agriculture Cabinet Secretary (CS) Mithika Linturi of hiring youths to heckle her in the presence of the Head of State.

The Igembe Central MP has since denied the allegations against him.

Governor Mwangaza has faced opposition from Meru leaders since her election in 2022 and has faced two impeachment motions at the Senate.

During President William Ruto’s visit to Meru in January 2024, Mwangaza was heckled as she addressed a public gathering at Kituine, Meru County.

In another instance, chaos erupted at Mwangaza’s ‘Okolea Program’ function in Igembe South constituency in September 2023. 

Angry residents protested by slaughtering a cow that she had donated.

This protest followed the animosity between Mwangaza and Deputy Governor Isaac Mutuma.


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