Hustlers in tears as RUTO starts charging Ksh1,500 for Basic Digital Skills Training which UHURU was providing free of charge – Tumerambwa!

Tuesday, March 19, 2024 – President William Ruto has duped those who are trying to earn a living through online jobs.

This is after he started charging them to learn to work online contrary to President Uhuru Kenyatta who used to provide free training for online workers.

Young Kenyans seeking to learn how to earn dollars through online jobs will now need to pay Ksh1,500 to Ruto’s government through the Ministry of Information, Communication and Technology (ICT). 

This is in line with Ruto’s vision to make it possible for millions of Kenyans to be able to earn a decent living through online jobs. 

According to the ICT ministry, Basic Digital Skills will empower Kenyans with the knowledge and proficiencies needed to make a living through online work.

“It recognises that basic digital skills are not just about clicking buttons and navigating screens; they are about unlocking the potential for learning, communication, innovation, and empowerment for digital opportunities,” The Ministry of ICT communicates through the Smart Academy website, an initiative of the ICT Authority. 

The Eliud Owalo-led ministry remarks that youths who pay the Ksh1,500 fee will be taught how to gain confidence and competence to engage with digital tools. 

This will be crucial as it will guide them to explore new horizons and adapt to the changes in the digital world.

“The training will provide individuals with foundational skills and equip them for success not only in their personal and professional lives but also for active participation in shaping the future of our digital society,” Kenyans are promised. 

The course will take 10 days and Kenyans will be taken through ten programs including Basic Online Work Skills. 

According to the government, Kenyans who do not register for the course by March 31, will be required to pay 40 per cent more. 

To register, for the course, click and follow the prompts. 


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