See how UHURU has abandoned and neglected the man who sacrificed his well-paying job to teach him and polish his political speeches? This is bad

Thursday, March 14, 2024 - A teacher, Kepha Ng’ang’a, who lost his job in the Teachers Service Commission (TSC), to teach former President Uhuru Kenyatta some Kiswahili, has come out to appeal for help from the former President.

According to the teacher, in 2002 when he was working in Gatundu, he polished Uhuru’s speeches after he was approached by the Late Permanent Secretary (PS) Wamatu Njoroge.

Based on reports, the teacher met the PS during a prize-giving ceremony in the school where he taught, impressing the PS with his mastery of the Kiswahili language.

He further explained that Uhuru was eloquent in English and his vernacular language, Kikuyu but his skills in speaking Kiswahili were yet to match up.

Ng’ang’a narrated that he and Uhuru met up every evening for forty-five minutes during the campaign period from September to December for the lessons to improve the former Head of State's address to Kenyans.

However, Ng’ang’a narrated that he lost his job with TSC because he joined the campaigns.

He noted that he appealed the decision to the commission to reinstate him, an appeal which was not taken into account over his involvement in politics.

Ng'ang'a is now requesting an audience with the former President citing that he is unable to cater to his needs since the loss of his job.

The teacher noted that he is now working in a private school in the country where he is paid peanuts.

However, this is not the first time that he is seeking an audience with Uhuru after other attempts have proven unsuccessful.

The teacher has pledged to continue seeking an audience with Uhuru until he catches his attention.


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