RUTO’s Chief of Staff FELIX KOSKEI indirectly proves Health CS NAKHUMINCHA may be holding a fake degree – See what he did to her right in front of doctors

Saturday, March 23, 2024 - Health Cabinet Secretary Susan Nakhumicha has been on the receiving end lately with the ongoing doctors’ strike which has exposed her to ridicule in the manner she is handling the issue.

Some Kenyans even suggested that she could be having a fake degree certificate in the casual manner she is handling the strike while Kenyans are suffering.

President William Ruto’s Chief of Staff and Head of Public Service Felix Koskei didn’t make things better for her after he left her with an egg on the face yesterday after he contradicted her right in front of doctors.

While appearing in an interview, Nakhumicha dismissed the 2017 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between the Ministry of Health and the Kenya Medical Practitioners Pharmacists and Dentists' Union (KMPDU) regarding the remuneration of interns.

According to her, the medical interns should not have been included in the CBA as they are not proper employees and should just be paid a mere Ksh50,000.

She argues that currently, medical interns are overpaid, yet they do not have a valid practicing license.

However, Koskei differed with her on the matter.

Addressing the press at the KICC after meeting with various parties and stakeholders in the health sector in the face of the ongoing doctors' strike, Koskei appreciated the roles played by the interns in the facilities they are posted to.

He said he was convinced that despite being regarded as interns, the practitioners were carrying out major procedures, making them worthy of doctor's status.

"The term intern across the country is a terminology in every sector. 

"These interns, who seem to be employees, how do we treat them because we want equity and fairness.

"We want to attach the title, the job, and the reward. After they explained, and having been informed and convinced, the interns are doctors who have been employed like management trainees for many years, only that they are called interns. 

"They are even manning hospitals almost alone. You might have only one consultant and so many interns running the hospital, carrying out procedures. 

"We want to separate the two," said Koskei.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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