Who wants Busia Senator OKIYA OMTATAH dead? See how armed goons attacked him after leaving the court?

Saturday, March 23, 2024 - Busia Senator Okiya Omtatah survived yet another attack on his life after armed goons trailed him shortly after leaving Busia Law Courts.

Speaking on the incident, Omtatah revealed that a car was trailing him as he was heading home.

Moments later, the car passed him and the youth stepped out. Omtatah indicated that his vehicle was pelted with stones as he ordered his driver to speed off.

The senator pointed out that he took refuge at Busia Agricultural Training College (ATC) which is heavily guarded by Administration Police.

"My driver was able to drive off and enter the ATC Busia Agricultural Training College (ATC) which is under AP guards so I took refuge there. The police came and escorted me from the college," he stated.

"I was not injured, they only damaged the vehicle, Probox, which has a strong body so the damage includes minor dents but is not extensive. The stones did not hit the windows."

The Senator reaffirmed that he was working on a case filed against the county government before the incident occurred.

"Yes, I was attacked by goons but I was not injured. There was a case I had sued the governor and ordered him to give me information on county operations including the expenditures, bank accounts, and things I needed for my oversight work," he pointed out.

"I have written a total of 12 letters. He responded to none. So, I decided to go to court to compel him to give me the information." 


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