RUTO orders KRA not to give permits to importers of illicit alcohol

Thursday, March 14, 2024 - President William Ruto has urged the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) to stop giving licenses to individuals and entities who import illicit alcohol into the country.

Speaking in Kericho on Thursday, Ruto said that they have agreed as a government they will deal with the issue of illicit alcohol decisively.

The President said the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) should take the lead role in the fight against illicit alcohol.

He directed the authority not to issue licenses to anyone importing illicit alcohol into the country.

The head of state said imported alcohol and spirits have destroyed many young people in Kenya and this must be stopped immediately.

The President insisted that a sober country is needed to develop.

"Mambo ya pombe tumekubaliana Kenya hii tutazima. Watu wa KRA wawe mstari wa mbele. Hakuna leseni inatolewa kwa mtu ama watu wanaimport alcohol ama wanaleta mambo ya spirit ambayo inaharibu watoto wetu katika Kenya. 

'Tumesema hio mambo ikome. We need a sober nation so that we can take our development to the next level," Ruto said.


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