RUTO has managed to turn around the economy despite what UHURU did as Trade CS REBECCA MIANO gives three indicators

Saturday, March 16, 2024 – Kenyans can now rest easy after President William Ruto managed to turn around the economy despite warnings from experts about potential challenges in 2024.

This was revealed by Rebecca Miano, Cabinet Secretary of the Ministry of Investments, Trade and Industry, who highlighted positive growth indicators.

In a statement yesterday, Miano hailed Ruto for steering the economy away from troubled waters.

This comes even as Ruto took credit for pulling the economy out of dire straits, referencing the decrease in the US dollar price against the Kenyan shilling as evidence of progress. 

"Kenya’s economy was in the trenches but I have saved it. Now, as you can see, even the dollar price has gone down and things are in order,” Ruto stated.

Miano highlighted other positive economic indicators, including the settlement of Eurobond maturities, the strengthening of the Kenyan shilling, and consistent drops in petroleum pump prices.

She remarked, "The economy turned the tide, and we are on track to delivering the Kenya Kwanza Plan."

Efforts to boost Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) and expand markets for Kenyan goods are being emphasized, focusing on proper coordination and continuous appraisals among relevant stakeholders. 

Miano urged commercial attachés stationed across various missions to play a crucial role in identifying markets, negotiating trade agreements, and informing local producers about market trends.

Ruto's government has faced criticism for tax hikes and the introduction of new levies, which he defended as necessary steps to control debt levels. 

Ruto stressed the importance of reducing reliance on borrowing and utilizing local interventions and revenue for development.


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