Pastor JAMES NG’ANG’A could be going mad – See just how much he asked RUTO to pay him to relinquish his ‘grabbed’ land?

 Saturday, March 16, 2024 – Rogue Pastor James Ng'an'ga has expressed his willingness to sell the controversial parcel of land housing his Neno Evangelism Centre church to the government for a whopping Ksh.200 billion.

Speaking after appearing before the House's Departmental Committee on Lands, Ng'ang'a reiterated that the contentious piece of land belongs to him while at the same time accusing the government of trying to 'snatch' it away from him.

"Wanapiga kanisa lakini sio hii watapiga. Hii ilienda kwa sababu niko na rights zote. Ksh.42 million that is a lot of money... tukalipa, " he said in reference of the sum of money he claims to have bought the land for.

"Nimeleta makaratasi yangu na kama mnataka nyinyi kama government, njoo mniambie niwauzie...nataka 200 billion...muichukue kwa njia ya kuongea."

The land, located at the intersection of Haile Selassie Avenue and Uhuru Highway, is part of several parcels being probed by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) on claims that they belong to the Kenya Railways Corporation (KRC).

When he appeared before the Lands Committee, Ng'ang'a narrated how he acquired the land after it was put up for sale by the government itself in 2004.

Shortly afterward, Ng'ang'a stated, the land was put back on sale, which forced him to re-apply and now purchase the land for Ksh.42 million.

Troubles over the parcel's ownership would haunt him years later as he said he received a letter from Kenya Railways Corporation in 2020 notifying him that they wanted to reclaim the land.


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