RUTO conned us all – EKURU AUKOT now admits after vigorously campaigning for him as he pokes holes in Affordable Housing ‘scam’


Tuesday, March 19, 2024 - Thirdway Alliance Party leader Ekuru Aukot has termed William Ruto’s presidency as a big scam.

Speaking during an interview, Aukot raised significant concerns about the implementation plans set forth by Ruto's government concerning the Affordable Housing scheme.

He questioned the government's strategy for executing the contentious bill, which has now become law following Presidential Assent, particularly focusing on the criteria for taxation and the utilization of the collected funds.

Aukot expressed dismay over the government's failure to elucidate its taxation strategy.

"The stickiest question the government has failed to elucidate on is the criteria it plans to use to tax Kenyans and also utilize the collected monies," Aukot stated.

He further criticised Ruto's administration for allegedly disappointing Kenyans living below the poverty line, contradicting earlier promises of upliftment.

"The presidency of William Ruto is what Kenyans can now agree was a long con," he asserted, adding, "It was promising Kenyans heaven and earth...but now the law that has been passed in Parliament is punishing that person."

Aukot also took aim at the housing programme associated with the bill, highlighting its lack of clarity regarding the distribution of constructed homes. 

He argued that the homes would likely remain accessible only to the financially capable, despite contributions from the poor.

"We don't even know the formula of distribution of those houses," he remarked, emphasizing the oversight in the legislative process.


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