Read what deceased TikToker BRIAN CHIRA had written in a diary that was found in his house before he died - This is heartbreaking.

Sunday, March 31, 2024 - Deceased Tiktoker Brian Chira was battling depression before his death.

Renowned Tiktoker, Baba Talisha found a diary in Chira’s house at Ruaka when he went to pick up his belongings.

In the diary, Chira wonders whether he will ever be happy even if he gets money and all the luxurious things in life.

“Even if I get that money, will I ever achieve true happiness? The luxurious car, fancy mansion, and vacations to Mallorca, will I ever be happy? Will it feel the emptiness in my heart?” he wrote in the diary.

Chira died in a road accident after he was knocked down by a speeding lorry while drunk.

He had turned into an alcoholic before his sudden demise.

Below is a screenshot of the diary found in his house.


The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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