Reactions as controversial Bishop MARGARET WANJIRU shares a video allegedly getting instant healing on her injured leg after applying anointing oil (WATCH).

Monday, March 18, 2024 - Controversial Bishop Margaret Wanjiru has claimed that her injured leg got healed after receiving prayers from a young man.

Wanjiru called the young man identified as Oscar to the pulpit during a church service and asked him to pray for her and apply anointing oil on her legs.

“Today I got so encouraged when a young man called Oscar decided to exercise his faith by praying for my legs to get healed.I received my miracle instantly and started walking! 

"Sometimes even we who pray for others need the prayers,” she wrote on her X account.

In the trending video, Wanjiru and other congregation members spoke in tongues as Oscar prayed for her and applied anointing oil to her injured leg.

After a few minutes of prayers, Wanjiru instructed the man to remove the bandage on her injured leg.

She then rose and erupted in joy, claiming that she had been healed.

Her church members joined her in the celebration.

The video has since sparked reactions on social media, with many people trolling her and accusing her of faking the alleged miracle to fool her brainwashed followers.

Wanjiru sustained the injury during the demolition of her church by state agents.

Watch the video.


The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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