RAILA ODINGA’s spokesman Prof. MAKAU MUTUA urges Kenyans to unite and campaign for BABA to get the AU job

Monday, March 4, 2024 - Azimio One Kenya Alliance spokesman, Prof. Makau Mutua, has urged Kenyans to unite as they campaign for former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s bid to become the African Union chairperson.

Raila, 79, has expressed his bid to replace Mousa Faki who retires in 2025.

In a social media post on Monday, Makau, who is among technocrats campaigning for Raila Odinga’s bid, said in the past Kenya has not done well in campaigning for AU jobs and urged those in power to change that and ensure Raila Odinga is the next AU chairperson.

Makau further urged Kenyans to unite and avoid politicising Raila Odinga‘s bid along ethnic lines.

KENYA hasn’t done well in placing its own in high voltage international jobs. 

"This time must be different. We must speak as one as we seek the Chairperson @_AfricanUnion. 

"Let’s not politicize or tribalize Kenya’s most important international quest to date. E pluribus unum!,” Makau wrote on his X page.


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