Police need bulletproof vests not prayers - PS SING’OEI rescues RACHEL RUTO from public lynching after she set up a team of intercessors for the police heading to Haiti


Monday, March 25, 2024 - Foreign Affairs Principal Secretary Korir Sing'oei has come to the rescue of First Lady Rachel Ruto after she received backlash from Kenyans following her announcement that she had set up a special prayer team for the police officers that President William Ruto will be deploying to Haiti.

According to Rachel, she has a team of intercessors from Kenya, the US, and Haiti praying for the officers preparing for the mission.

Her revelation attracted criticism from a section of Kenyans who argued the officers needed proper safety gear and war equipment at the expense of prayers.

"Prayer strategy team? Just buy bulletproof vests, might save a life," said Raptcha The Sayantist.

"It is militia in Haiti, prayer is for the spiritual world but this is a battlefront where it can only be met with equal but opposite force and that is military force not even police," argued Alvin Halgo.

Coming to the rescue of the First Lady in the face of the backlash, Sing'oei said the commitment to prayer to Kenyan police heading to Haiti is important.

He appreciated the importance of prayer and its contribution to solving such challenges as anarchy in Haiti.

"We shouldn't be too quick to discount the role of faith communities in addressing difficult social challenges," he said.


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