NATEMBEYA is foolish because he thinks he can use goons to become LUHYA KINGPIN – UDA MP claims the man is uncouth and uncivilized

Tuesday, March 26,2024 - An outspoken United Democratic Alliance (UDA) MP has called Trans Nzoia county Governor George Natembeya foolish for thinking that he can use goons to become the Luhya community kingpin.

This comes after Natembeya's and National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetangula's supporters clashed during a funeral on Friday in what is perceived as a supremacy battle over the region's political kingship.

Speaking on Tuesday, Kilifi North MP Owen Baya claimed that the chaos was initiated by Natembeya who intentionally arrived at the occasion with his alleged goons to cause unrest.

"He has been preparing to face Wetangula in a dual that is not civilized," he told a local TV station.

In Baya's view, the speculated battles are a residue of Natembeya's thirst for power and he is willing to go to any lengths to attain it.

"We have young leaders in this country who have no values and one of the leaders that we see now is Natembeya. He is so power hungry that he thinks the only way to dominate the region and to grasp power is to use the goons that we saw in that funeral," he said.

"That is the only thing that he understands."

The legislator maintained that Speaker Wetangula boasts a formidable political prominence in Kenya and Natembeya's moves will be futile.


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