NATEMBEYA in deep trouble for undermining WETANGULA and MUDAVADI as Western Kenya leaders vow to do the unthinkable – Look! This may not end well for him


Tuesday, March 5, 2024 - Trans Nzoia Governor George Natembeya has irked Western Kenya leaders over his continued undermining of the region’s kingpins Moses Wetangula (Speaker of the National Assembly) and Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi.

Speaking at a funeral service in Bungoma County, the leaders cautioned the governor, stating that he was contributing to derailing the region from achieving its political ambitions.

According to the leaders, Natembeya’s continuous remarks about the two senior leaders and Ford-Kenya politicians, in general, are disrespectful and out of sync with his status as a community leader.

They therefore cautioned him to respect their leadership and desist from mentioning them in negative light or else he will have himself to blame.

Further, they reiterated that Wetangula’s Ford Kenya is the second-oldest in Kenya, and was deserving of the Governor’s respect.

However, some leaders cautioned the Governor, that they were ready to continue the face-off if that was the direction he aimed to take.

In his defence, the Governor explained that he was not afraid of pointing out the Western leader’s mistakes in case he felt that they were steering the community in the wrong direction.

“When we say that is not the direction, that is not lack of respect, I will not accept us to be led blindly because if I say we are not moving in the right direction I will be accused of disrespected,’’ stated Natembeya

Natembeya had alleged that Wetangula and Mudavadi did not deserve to be in leadership as they were leading the Luhya community astray.

The deepening wrangles have continued to simmer within the community with different factions insisting they are right.


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