MONICA KIMANI's father didn’t want JOWIE to be sentenced to death while her mother wanted him to face the guillotine

Wednesday, March 13, 2024 - Fresh details have emerged about how the family of late businesswoman Monicah Kimani was divided over the sentencing of Jowie Irungu, the man who killed their daughter in 2018.

Jowie was handed a death sentence on Wednesday by Justice Grace Nzioka.

While Monica's father Bishop Ngarama Kimani opposed the death sentence, her mother Miriam Waruiru Kimani called for capital punishment, including death by hanging.

While delivering her judgment on Wednesday, Lady Justice Grace Nzioka revealed that she considered three factors in making her determination namely; the manner in which the offence was committed, the consequence of the offence and the personality of the accused (Jowie).

She described the gruesome ordeal the businesswoman underwent, stating that Kimani's killer did not intend to even give her one minute to live.

"It was a gruesome murder, horrific and threatening," she stated and sentenced Jowie to death.


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