Members of BRIAN CHIRA’s burial committee accused of stealing money - CHIRA’s friend spills the beans and exposes BABA TALISHA badly (VIDEO).

Wednesday, March 27, 2024 - Renowned Tiktoker and late Brian Chira’s friend, Prince Mwiti, has accused members of Chira’s burial committee of stealing money set aside for the funeral ceremony.

Speaking on Tiktok live after the burial, Mwiti claimed that Baba Talisha, MC Chris Kirubi, and MC Xtian, who were leading Chira’s burial preparations, embezzled funds meant for the send-off ceremony.

They reportedly stole the money and bought Tiktok slay queens expensive liquor.

Mwiti called out Baba Talisha for using Chira’s death to enrich himself, claiming that he could not account for the money used in the burial ceremony.

One of the Tiktokers based in Dubai had given Ksh 850,000 to Baba Talisha and other members of the burial committee to help in the final send-off, money that Mwiti claims was embezzled.

“That was a joke of a burial. They stole money,’’ Mwiti lamented.

“Baba Talisha is one of the fakest people that I have ever met,” added Mwiti.

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