KINDIKI moves to tame those who have been heckling RUTO and his men - Is the government panicking?

Monday, March 18, 2024 - Interior Cabinet Secretary, Prof Kithure Kindiki has ordered the police to arrest those involved in heckling during political gatherings.

In a statement on Monday during a tour of Kericho County, Kindiki ordered security agencies to move swiftly and rein in disorder during political meetings.

"The security team is also tasked to rein in incidents of disorderly conduct in political meetings, conclude investigations and apprehend the organisers, financiers and perpetrators of hooliganism in the County, regardless of their political or social standing," Kindiki said.

This was about recent heckling when President William Ruto visited Kericho County for development matters.

During the visit, Kericho Governor Eric Mutai was met with jeers from a section of residents, prompting Ruto to call for calm and political tolerance.

The president urged the residents to exercise their power at the ballot when 2027 comes and vote out leaders whom they believe have not delivered.


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  1. These are the foolishness that come with imbecile directives.

    The citizen of kenya have had enough of this proboscis monkey table banking regime of fraudsters and heavy drugs barons.

    Soon, no one will be attending your satanic roaming across the republic of kenya show ups. You will be left to address streat dogs/cats/flies and whores and LGB fellowers.

    Heckling is a right! So shut up and withdraw your roadshow directive of arenst. The regime you are in is full of shit and is of no use to the Republic of Kenya.