Kilifi Governor GIDEON MUNG’ARO in pain as his 30-year-old girlfriend, LOISE MAKENA (Pictured), dumps him and vanishes with Sh 200 million.

Thursday, March 28, 2024 - Kilifi Governor Gideon Mung’aro is reportedly a man in dire need of a shoulder to lean on after it emerged that he is nursing the wounds of being dumped by his young girlfriend, who is believed to have vanished with close to Sh200 Million and other multi-million properties registered in her name.

Mung’aro and the lady have been in a three-year secret romantic relationship built on trust and honesty in what appears to have been a strategic move by the cunning lady to strike when she has amassed enough from the unsuspecting Governor.

The lady in question is a surveyor by profession and first met with Mung’aro when he was serving as the Cabinet Administrative Secretary in the Ministry of Lands.

She is only identified as Loise Makena and is almost hitting 30.

 Makena is known for her beauty and charm which played a role in sweeping Mung’aro off his feet.

She partnered with Mung’aro and registered proxy companies that saw them swindle millions of shillings from county coffers for consultancy services.

We understand that when Mung’aro declared interest in running for the Kilifi seat, their relationship rocketed miles high with Makena getting elevated into serving more like Personal Assistant, manager, and advisor on critical issues especially mobilization of funds.

She sat at the helm of the campaign.

Mung’aro trusted her when he got elected and assigned her a crucial role to bring on board companies, suppliers, and partners to help him swindle public coffers either through ghost supplies or commissions on fraudulent contracts.

Mung’aro trusted her with all illicit money emanating from dirty deals and it is estimated that she was in control of at least 2M USD, which is approximately Sh200 million.

The Governor, blinded by the steamy and irresistible love escapades courtesy of Makena, is believed to have bought and registered several properties under Makena’s personal details.

Some of the multi-million properties are located at the Coast.

Most of the multi-Milllion deals revolve around garbage collection and consultancy services.

Makena is known to be very aggressive, smart, and intelligent with top-tier social skills that make her an outstanding negotiator and one that is difficult to doubt.

Below are photos of the Governor’s cunning girlfriend, Loise Makena.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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