KIKUYU farmers should not think they are special when it comes to paying taxes! – RUTO’s man blasts the “House of Mumbi”

Monday, March 4, 2024 - One of President William Ruto’s close confidants has blasted Mt Kenya residents for complaining about farmers' tax.

Farmer’s tax was introduced by the Finance Act 2023, which requires farmers, including avocado and pig farmers to pay 5 percent of their earnings to the government.

Most Mt Kenya farmers are opposed to the tax, saying it is punitive and retrogressive.

But speaking over the weekend, Kericho County Senator, Aaron Cheruiyot, attacked the Mt Kenya electorate, saying they should be ready to pay tax like other Kenyans.

“All farmers are equal. My tea farmers pay all their dues taxes and levies which are billions of shillings.

"What is wrong with these farmers we are being told they shouldn’t be taxed?. 

"It is free lunch for all of us or we all pay.No special meals for some,” Cheruiyot said.


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