Kenyans are angry as First Lady RACHEL RUTO sets up special prayer team ahead of Haiti mission

Monday, March 25, 2024 - First Lady Rachel Ruto has announced the establishment of a unique team of intercessors to back up the Kenyan police readying themselves for the peacekeeping mission in Haiti.

Speaking during a gospel event at Weston Hotel, Rachel revealed that she was involved in the intense plans to have the prayer team established long before the team flew out to the Caribbean country.

According to her, the law enforcers would need prayers to accompany their mission.

Constituting the team were intercessors from Kenya, the US, and Haiti, she said.

"Some friends of ours have been holed up in a meeting for two days discussing the issues of Haiti because we felt at the national altar that we cannot allow our police to go to Haiti without prayer. 

"So, they have been strategizing on a spiritual solution and prayer for our police as they go to Haiti and pray for the people there," she said.

"We were in that meeting where he had pastors from Haiti and America, and saw how these countries can come together to pray because with prayer everything is possible," added Rachel.

However, the move has not gone down well with Kenyans, who accused her of wasting taxpayers’ money on prayers when President William Ruto was warned by former US envoy and majority of Kenyans that the mission was risky and should not send the Kenyan police to Haiti.

Kenya and Haiti on March 1 signed an agreement formalizing the deployment of 1,000 police officers to the North American nation.

The High Court on January 26 blocked the deployment of Kenyan officers to Haiti saying the National Security Council lacks authority to deploy police officers outside the country.


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