KALONZO is a big joke, he should just take a cue from RAILA and retire – JIMI WANJIGI goes ham on the Wiper Leader

Monday, March 4, 2024 - Former Safina presidential aspirant, Jimi Wanjigi, went berserk on Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka as he poked holes in his bid to take over the Azimio leadership mantle from longstanding opposition leader Raila Odinga.

Kalonzo is seeking to ride on Raila’s candidacy for the African Union Commission chairmanship to rally other Azimio bigwigs to back his 2027 presidential ambitions.

However, speaking yesterday, Wanjigi criticized Kalonzo’s candidature, saying he has nothing new to offer.

Instead, Wanjigi asked the seasoned politician to take a cue from Raila and hang his political boots.

He argues that the two are part of Kenya's problem and should exit the stage to pave the way for a new crop of vibrant leaders.

"The Azimio coalition is dredging the political landscape and pulling out people who have been part of Kenya's problem and presenting them as solutions, as the ruling Kenya Kwanza coalition is busy scheming on how to take credit on Mr Odinga's candidacy and how to reap from it.”

"Kalonzo Musyoka has hit the road positioning himself to take over leadership, but he should just take the cue from Raila and retire. He has nothing new to offer Kenyans and instead should usher in a new leadership in his own Wiper party," Wanjigi stated.

Citing the government's endorsement of Raila for the AU job, the renowned businessman-turned-politician alluded that the opposition had been compromised to drop their hard stance on the Kenya Kwanza administration's 'punitive' policies that continue to hurt the economy.

"A few weeks ago, my very good friend, the Rt. Hon. Rolla Odinga expressed his desire for the African Union Chairmanship position and honestly given his many years of impactful leadership in this country and beyond, I can confidently say he is the right man for the job.

"What I don't understand however, is why since his declaration, the people's agenda, which we were made to believe, his coalition was championing has been put on hold, and now the focus is on; if and when he takes the seat, who is going to benefit and how," Wanjigi said.

He termed the turn of events "callous, selfish and disappointing."


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