Kalenjins wameamua na hawataki ujinga – See what they did to Governor BARCHOK in front of RUTO!


Sunday, March 17, 2024 – It seems there is a silent uprising in Rift Valley against governors who often accompany President William Ruto.

After Kericho Governor Eric Mutai was humiliated in front of Ruto's working tour in the tea-growing county, yesterday was the turn of Bomet Governor Hillary Barchok.

This is after his own residents heckled him during Ruto’s working tour of Bomet County.

Governor Hillary Barchok led other local leaders in welcoming the president who made several stopovers to commission development projects.

However, in one of the stops, Barchok suffered humiliation at the hands of the locals as he spoke in front of the president.

He had just started to highlight the doings of his county administration when the locals started heckling him.

Barchok's speech was immersed in the noise prompting a reaction from the president.

He took over the function and cautioned the locals against bringing chaos to meetings.

"I don't want chaos in meetings. You are the ones electing these leaders; the MCAs, MPs, and even the governor. 

"If someone has not performed, please wait for them at the ballot. At the moment we are in a meeting," said the president.

Redeeming himself after the humiliation, Barchok pledged support to the president, dismissing the hecklers as a few individuals paid to dent his profile.


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