JOE BIDEN changes tune on sending US soldiers to Haiti after RUTO’s deal to deploy police officers to the troubled nation hit a new hurdle

 Wednesday, March 20, 2024 – US President Joe Biden has changed his mind and vowed to deploy US soldiers to war-torn Haiti despite earlier ruling it out.

According to the Commander of US Southern Command, General Laura Richardson, the US was prepared for the deployment due to the increasing violence and gang takeover in the Caribbean country.

"We are prepared if called upon by our State Department and Department of Defense. I however do not envision a US-only solution," Richardson said.

This decision has been informed by the delay in deploying Kenyan troops to quell the chaos. Kenyan government is, however, waiting for a transitional council to be established.

At the same time, Richardson, who was speaking at the Atlantic Council, explained that the crisis in Haiti wouldn't be dealt with by one country but required an international solution.

She also emphasized that before the US sent its troops to Haiti, the Joe Biden administration would first lobby for international support. 

She added that the US was watching closely the situation and had a wide range of contingency plans.

"We want to be able to do what's right and humane and be able to take care of the populations that are trying to escape the crisis," Richardson added.

The violence in Haiti has escalated with thousands of people being displaced and others have lost their lives.


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