JAKAKIMBA tells RAILA ODINGA to stop participating in primitive village politics and concentrate on the AUC job bid.

Monday, March 11, 2024 - Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga's ex-aide, Silas Jakakimba, has urged his former boss to form a good communication team that will sell his idea of becoming the African Union Chairperson.

Raila, 79, has expressed his willingness to become the AUC once current chairperson Mousa Faki retires in 2025.

The former premier on Saturday said he would serve Africa and Kenya at the same time.

But Jakakimba on Monday said Raila Odinga erred while making the statement since one of the requirements of the AU chairperson seat is to cease participating in politics at all.

“As the government led by President William Ruto prepares to commence a continental campaign blitz for this seat, it is imperative moving forward, that PM Raila Odinga's public messaging targeting local audiences, remains tempered and weighs less on expressions alluding to a burning desire to 'chew the gum and scale the stairs' - loosely translated to mean he intends to remain active in Kenya's ever-evolving political landscape with all its obvious intrigues," he said on X.

“There's an urgent need for a very tempered balance in public comms from the former PM around and, during the window of this bid, intertwined with a fair share of soft and deliberate diplomatic posture."

He, however, noted that he has always believed Raila is best placed to lead the African continent in many other capacities, including the one he is currently seeking.


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