If anything happens to me and my mother, blame GEOFFREY RIUNGU, the Head of DCI in Nyanza - ERIC MBONDO narrates his woes to Boniface Mwangi.


Tuesday, March 19, 2024 - Eric Mbondo and his mother are reportedly living in fear after receiving threats from Geoffrey Riungu Kathurima, the head of DCI in Nyanza.

This is the distressing message that he sent to Boniface Mwangi.

I am Erick Mbondo and we are being harassed, intimidated, and threatened by Mr. Geoffrey Riungu Kathurima, Regional Criminal Investigation Officer (RCIO), Nyanza.

My mother and l have rented one of his houses at Utawala. We had rent issues with him and at the end of last month (February 2024), took him to the Rent Restriction Tribunal in Nairobi. He didn't take it well.

 Last night, he sent Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) officers in Nairobi to arrest my mother, Leah Ndolo. She was taken to Mihango Police Post and then transferred to Kayole Police Station.

This morning, the police officers denied me access to see my mother. They have told me they’re taking her to Makadara Law Courts and we should meet there.

They're also saying that they're charging her with the offense of operating the internet without a license. We use Safaricom home internet in our home, and it’s for personal use.

I am sending this SOS for assistance because we are dealing with a high-ranking government officer who is very influential and well-connected. As I write this, I'm not in good shape.

 If something happens to me and my mother, at least I have tried my best to reach out for help.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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