Identity of the woman who has been stealing from the bereaved during funerals exposed! Shame on you MILLICENT (PHOTOs).

Friday, March 22, 2024 - A rogue woman identified as Millicent Papai has been blending with mourners and stealing from the bereaved during funerals.

On 29th February (last month), she attended a funeral ceremony and blended with the mourners.

She also acquainted herself with the guards and then waited for the family to attend the requiem mass.

After the family left, she lied to the guards that she was an aunt to the deceased.

She further alleged that she had stained her clothes because she was on her period and wanted a place with a bathroom to change.

 The guards granted her access to the homestead after convincing them.

She then went to the house and stole money and other valuables.

After she was exposed on social media, more victims came forward and confessed that they had fallen victim to her con games.

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