ICHUNG’WAH now names the governor who has been sabotaging RUTO and UDA in Mt. Kenya as things get out of hand – Huyu kwisha!

Wednesday, March 20, 2024 – The political mudslinging in Kiambu pitting National Assembly Majority Leader Kimani Ichungw'ah against Governor Kimani Wamatangi seems to be getting out of hand.

 This is after Ichungw'ah accused Wamatangi of sabotaging President William Ruto's government and the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party.

In his latest tirade, Ichung'wah lashed out at Governor Wamatangi, accusing him of being the enemy of progress.

"My fight with the Kiambu Governor is just one. And he (Governor Kimani Wamatangi) knows what it is about.”

“The fight is over the sabotage of President William Ruto and the government of UDA. When we were campaigning, we promised to build markets. 

"When Ruto builds markets, you tell people that you are the one building the market. 

"You claim Ruto has done nothing for the people of Kiambu. Shame on you," Ichung’wah lashed out at Wamatangi.

Tensions between Wamatangi and Ichung’wah date back to January, when disagreements over the county's management reached their peak. 

Matters worsened as some Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) sided with Ichung’wah, urging him to intervene in the local government's affairs.

Wamatangi, on his part, has also been accused of uncollaborative leadership and failing to meet the needs of Kiambu residents. 

Ichung’wah has on several occasions pointed fingers at Wamatangi, accusing him of obstructing development projects which has resulted in the loss of millions in funding from the national government and international bodies like the World Bank.

However, the MCAs, led by Kiambu County Assembly Majority Leader Godfrey Mucheke, have rallied behind Governor Wamatangi. 

They accuse Ichung’wah of trying to destabilise Wamatangi's administration to further his own political ambitions.


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