Hero dies trying to save children from world's second most poisonous snake

Thursday, March 21, 2024
 – A man gave his life while trying to save a group of children from the world's second most poisonous snake.

Jeremy Brookes, 47, died on March 19 after he ran to the rescue of a childcare centre in Deeragun, Townsville, north Queensland, Australia, where he was bitten three times by the highly venomous eastern brown snake, the second most venomous in the world.

Brookes, who had been called to the premises by a relative, had had no previous handling practice with the lethal serpents before.

After receiving three bites to the arm Brookes made the decision to drive back to his home where, despite his wife's efforts at bandaging him up, he suffered a heart attack.

Attempts to restart his heart were made by his wife and then paramedics who took him to Townsville University Hospital who were sadly unable to save him.

Speaking about Brookes' wife's attempts to save his life the Queensland Ambulance Service acting director of the Townsville district Paula Marten said: "She immediately immobilised the limb and applied compression bandages, and then the symptoms presented and that's when his wife has contacted triple-0."

Ms Marten praised the efforts of his wife adding: "If you're not aware of snakes, then treat them all as if they are venomous — contact triple-0 and apply the basic first aid measures."

Professional snake catcher Ben Avery warned that only trained catchers should approach the serpents.

He said: "Just do not touch it, call a licensed professional snake catcher. Neurotoxic venom, they are going to start affecting your muscles, your heart, and every single organ."

Brookes who leaves behind his wife, three children and grandchildren, is the first person to die from a snake bite this year in Australia. His death has now been handed over to the coroner.

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