Health CS NAKHUMICHA says her political detractors are sponsoring doctor's strike – Wananionea wivu!!


Sunday, March 24, 2024 - Health Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Susan Nakhumicha, has accused her political rivals of sponsoring the ongoing countrywide doctors' strike that entered its tenth day on Saturday.

Speaking at a funeral service in Trans Nzoia on Saturday, Nakhumicha said political detractors stationed at Afya House are envious of her work of streamlining the Health sector.

She said her enemies are also angry because she has denied them a chance to fleece state agencies like KEMSA and the NHIF.

"I have done my work at the Ministry of Health until some people are unhappy. Those thieves at KEMSA and NHIF are the ones sponsoring whatever is going on," she said. Read

The attacks notwithstanding, Nakhumicha stated she was committed to transforming the sector.

With no end in sight and failed talks between the government and medics, it appears patients seeking services in public hospitals will continue to suffer.


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