Has RUTO secretly deployed KDF to fight against Russia in Ukraine? VLADMIR PUTIN delivers shocking news as he publishes list of Kenyan soldiers fighting in Ukraine

Friday, March 15, 2024 – President William Ruto may have secretly deployed the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) to fight Russia in Ukraine.

This is after Russian President Vladmir Putin, through the Ministry of Defence, announced that there were five Kenyans who were fighting against Russia in Ukraine.

Remarking that 13,387 foreign soldiers had moved to Ukraine since February 2024, Russia noted that some came from 13 African Countries.  

It should be noted that these soldiers travel to the conflict zone in a private capacity and do not represent the Armed Forces of their respective countries. Russia also did not provide a way where the information could be independently verified by international observers.

Kenya was the only East African Community (EAC) member state to have soldiers in the European country. 

Ethiopia, which is not a member of EAC, was also identified as having 1 soldier in Ukraine.

Nigeria is the leading country in Africa to send soldiers to Ukraine with 97. Russia alleged that 47 of them had been eliminated so far. 

Algeria has seen 60 soldiers fighting in Ukraine with 28 reportedly already eliminated while 4 out of 10 soldiers from Guinea have been eliminated. 

South Africa had recorded 35 soldiers with 14 eliminated while neighboring Liberia had 2 of its 5 soldiers eliminated.

Senegal, a North African country was stated to have 15 soldiers in Ukraine but 4 of them have since been eliminated. 

Other countries that have soldiers eliminated in the warzone are Zimbabwe (1 out of 5 soldiers) and Equatorial Guinea (1 out of 2 soldiers). 

Other African countries recorded to have soldiers in Ukraine are Tunisia (8) and Libya (1). 

None of the reported Kenyan soldiers were reported to have been eliminated. 

Leading countries as stated by the Russian Ministry of Defence were; Polan (2,960), United States (1,113), Georgia (1,042), and Canada (1,005).  


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