Hard questions and loopholes in MONICA KIMANI’s murder as the case goes to the Court of Appeal - Intriguing details about her Sudanese boyfriend YASSIR MOHAMMED.


By Cyprian Nyakundi.

What's up, Cyprian. From your sources try and establish if this info I have is true. Regarding Monica Kimani's murder.

1. Yassir Mohammed, a Sudanese, and the country’s director of Caterpillar Inc. was Monica's boyfriend.

 2. They used to live in the same house.

3. The boyfriend was never summoned or wrote any statement or a witness in anything

 4. The boyfriend didn't come to Monica's funeral. They were on good terms allegedly Monica was going to Dubai to meet him before she was killed. So the boyfriend should have been traumatized by her death and be available for her burial

 5. The boyfriend took his things from 'the house'. Monica's brother confirmed this in court.

 6. Monica had s3x before she was killed. Meaning it was intimate to her.

 7. Monica's DNA was found in the famous Khaki shorts only. Blood stains.

8. The straps and bottle cans, candles, etc did have DNA of UNKNOWN ORIGIN. Court documents say so. (75 exhibits)

9. CCTV was disabled in the apartment, during the night of the murder.

10. THERE was NO PHYSICAL altercation in the house, meaning there was no struggle during the murder and crucially, there were NO BLOOD STAINS in the living room.

In all these 2 major things arise which people have never asked themselves

1. How could Monica be killed, throat slit without a struggle, without neighbors hearing any commotion or screams? One person WOULD NOT HAVE been able to commit the murder in the narrative the court portrayed. Tie her hands behind the back, strap her mouth with tape, Carry her to the bathtub, slit her throat without a struggle, scream, etc.

2. Either Monica was drugged, to immobilize her, before being killed or she was killed somewhere else and then taken back to her house, thus eliminating the aspect of struggle in the room and blood spill, etc. So from the time Jowie was left alone with Monica after other guests left them to when Jowie's phone was captured leaving the scene of the crime, would the drugging have taken effect and actualized the murder? Probably. But this is severely poked holes by the fact the straps which were used to tie Monica had DNA for Unknown people. 

Meaning another person did tie Monica. As you can see clearly, there were some other characters involved in the actual murder. 100% Jowie was at the scene of the murder for sure. Also, a murder of slit throat should come with some level of resistance, or the victim was already drugged to be immobile. 

This angle was never looked at by the courts or the police. Try and use your source to know why the boyfriend was never summoned, never recorded any statement, never came for any burial, and why he shifted from Lemuria Gardens. 

Also, I believe Caterpillar Inc., did change to Mantrac Kenya. Maybe you might find a contact who can tell you who Yassir Mohammed was.


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