Former US ambassador calls RUTO's plan to send police officers to HAITI a 'cash grab' as he reveals why the mission will fail - LOOK!

Friday, March 22, 2024 - Former United States ambassador to Haiti, Dan Foote, has dismissed the Kenya government's plan of sending 1000 police officers to the Caribbean nation for peacekeeping.

In an interview with CNN on Friday, Foote said the 1000 Kenyan officers fall short of what is required to liberate the Caribbean nation from marauding gangs.

Foote pointed out that every time there has been a military intervention in Haiti, at least 20,000 troops have been deployed to Port-au-Prince, adding that none of these missions achieved success.

"A thousand isn't going to cut it and while they have commitments for double or triple that, that's still not going to cut it. Every time there has been a military intervention in Haiti in the past 20 years, it's had a minimum of 20,000 troops or police going in there," Foote said.

The former envoy additionally suggested that Kenya's motivation to lead the security mission is largely spurred by financial incentives from the UN Security Council and not genuine peacekeeping efforts. 

"I believe that this is more of a cash grab by President Ruto whose country will receive a lot of money for doing this," he said.

The US government initially pledged $100 million (Ksh.13 billion) to support the Kenyan-led multinational force to restore security to Haiti, further urging other nations to make similar contributions.


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