Fireworks as UHURU sues RUTO’s government for undermining Kikuyus and ruining their businesses – Look!


Friday, March 15, 2024 - Former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Jubilee Party has threatened to sue the government of President William Ruto in the next week over the closure of bars in the country.

According to the party’s Secretary General Jeremiah Kioni, Uhuru’s Jubilee will initiate a class action against the government if anyone else fails to do so by next week.

“I believe in the coming days there has to be somebody going to court, and if we don’t see one going to court, we will spearhead one in the form of a class suit,” explained Kioni.

Speaking in Murang’a yesterday, Kioni termed the closure of bars as a blanket ruling and sabotage of the economy as the bars sold licensed products.

“When you have paid for a licence and the money has been received and the license issued when the bars are closed that amounts to a breach of contract,” explained Kioni.

He further noted that the government should have been cracking down on the manufacturers and not on the bars.

Kioni reported that more than 200 bars had been closed in the Murang’a region only amidst other closures in other towns.

At the same time, Kioni noted that property was destroyed in the process and no one was working to cushion the business owners from the losses.


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