Fireworks as BABU OWINO opposes RAILA ODINGA’s appointments and vows to do the unthinkable – LOOK!

Tuesday, March 12, 2024 – In a shocking turn of events, Embakasi East MP Babu Owino has vowed to defy former Prime Minister Raila Odinga on his appointments.

This is after he dismissed Raila Odinga’s recent endorsement of former governors Wickliffe Oparanya and Hassan Joho as new ODM leaders.

Speaking during an interview, Babu claimed that Raila must have forgotten to include his name when appointing the two politicians to take over the party leadership.

Weighing on the matter, the ODM legislator insisted that he must also be included in the party leadership, vowing to oppose the Azimio leader's decision.

“If Oparanya is seated there alongside Joho, I must also sit there! And that is the issue, otherwise, I said before that if I am not at the table, we will break that table,” Babu Owino claimed.

“So, I must also sit there because the writing is on the wall. We know who Kenyans feel should lead them.”

While defending his stance, the outspoken legislator highlighted several attributes that he asserted made him stand out as the favourite to lead the party.

Babu Owino stated that he is stronger, more intelligent, and young enough to assume the leadership role from Raila.

The MP further asserted that he is widely beloved by many Kenyans, a factor which, he alleged, also contributes to his status as the frontrunner for the top party role.

“Many Kenyans also love me. We want a leader who even if he goes to West Pokot, people can say that indeed that is a leader,” the lawmaker stated.

Babu Owino's latest move comes barely four days after he lamented a lack of camaraderie in ODM, something which he claimed was politically staged.


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