Don’t dare me, I will destroy you completely - Prophet DAVID OWUOR warns Kenyans and brags that he is the one who brought Covid-19 to punish mankind (VIDEO).

Tuesday, March 19, 2024 - Controversial prophet David Owuor of the Ministry of Repentance and Holiness Church has warned Kenyans against challenging him and claimed that he has the power to bring destruction upon the country.

Speaking during a sermon at Menengai grounds in Nakuru on Saturday, March 16, Owour alleged that he brought the deadly coronavirus to the world to kill stubborn mankind.

Owuour said if he decided to destroy those challenging his powers, he would destroy them completely.

“I am the one that brought coronavirus, look how many people died at my words. Kenya, don't try me. If I destroy you, I will destroy you completely. But for now, I am giving you grace,” Owuor declared in the video

The hyped weekend event was attended by a large crowd, which included prominent political figures, for spiritual rejuvenation and healing.

He claimed that hundreds of people were healed, although his miracles are alleged to be staged.

Watch the video of Owour warning Kenyans.

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