Don’t claim ownership of any property until you have a written document - DEMATHEW’s second wife, CAROLYNE, advises women after the first wife, SARAFINA, disinherited her.

Wednesday, March 27, 2024 - DeMathew’s second wife, Carolyne, has opened up about the rift between her and his first wife, Sarafina, over the distribution of the singer’s estate and royalties.

Speaking in a candid interview, Sarafina revealed that disagreements surfaced over the division of DeMathew’s assets, particularly his music royalties, two years after he died in a road accident.

The conflict escalated in 2021, largely over the division of the late singer’s earnings.

Initially, both wives shared the proceeds from DeMathew’s work.

Sarafina blocked Carolyne’s access to her late husband’s earnings on YouTube and cut communication.

Unfortunately, DeMathew had not left a will to determine how his estate and royalties should be divided between his two wives and children.

“I went to court because for the first two years after John’s death, everything went smoothly and his assets were divided equally between his children. But when I started my YouTube channel, they refused to share the royalties we used to share. 

"When I raised the issue, they ignored my calls. I even got John’s friend involved, but to no avail,” said Carolyne.

Carolyne further said she went to court for the sake of her kids because she wanted them to be included in their father’s inheritance.

Unfortunately, she lost the case.

She advised women not to claim ownership of any property until they have a written document.

“I went to court for my children’s sake. I had no evidence to claim anything. My advice to wives is not to claim ownership of any property until you have a written document,” she said.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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