DONATELLA VERSACE gets stuck in elevator while attending an LGBT event

Monday, March 11, 2024
 – Fashion icon, Donatella Versace got stuck in an elevator while arriving to cohost an event at the Los Angeles LGBT Center with former NBA star, Dwyane Wade.

It was a full house in the elevator, as the designer was held prisoner with her assistant, her publicist, her security, the center's CMO, and the head of Versace PR for 10-15 minutes.

Security on the other side stepped in to save the day, prying the stubborn doors open with their bare hands ... and Versace eventually emerged, looking somewhat dazed and confused.

The rest of her team trickled out behind and it was gathered that everyone survived the whole situation unscathed.

The fire department arrived on the scene to double-check everything shortly after.

At the event, Versace went on to be named the Organization's Global Ambassador and also donated $50,000 to the center.

Addressing the elevator incident during the event, she said;

"I feel so honored to be here tonight. It's so emotional for me -- but also because I was stuck in the elevator. I thought I was never going to make it to this roof, but I did!"

Watch a video from the scene below

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