Baby's body found burnt, mutilated and ravaged by stray dogs outside construction site

Saturday, March 02, 2024
 – A small child's body was found burnt, mutilated and ravaged by stray dogs outside a construction site.

It is suspected that the child was abandoned shortly after birth in Mae Hong Son province, Thailand, close to a stone mill worker's camp.

A 24-year-old staff member told authorities that after work, at about 6pm local time, he was walking home and saw what he described as two dogs gnawing at what appeared to be human remains.

The child's abdomen had been torn and pieces of their limbs were missing, including the whole right arm. The child's head was also partially burnt.

Thaiger reported that police searched the area for missing body parts and interviewed the camp’s residents to check for recent pregnancies or disappearances. They identified no suspects.

KhaoSod reported that a mother might have given birth to the baby shortly before it died before she tried to burn it in a panic, with the scent attracting dogs.

Police are examining CCTV from the surrounding area. 

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